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At Merrell & Associates, the most important heating, and air conditioning information we can offer is this: keep your Carrollton, GA, HVAC systems in good repair. Well-maintained equipment will last longer, require fewer repairs, and deliver more indoor comfort at a lower monthly price.

How To Avoid Common Heating and Air Conditioning Problems

We want to help educate customers not only about the products and services we offer at Merrell & Associates, but also about how they can better maintain their HVAC systems and avoid the need to call for a repair of AC replacement. Read the quick tips below for general information or visit our blog for more details about specific heating and air conditioning issues and topics.

Basic Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

  • Keep air filters clean. The most common mistake people make with HVAC equipment is not cleaning or changing the air filters regularly. Over time, HVAC filters get clogged with dirt and debris. A blocked filter makes the system work harder, which can increase energy costs by up to 30 percent. Clogged filters can also damage the system and cause the system to malfunction. Most HVAC filters should be cleaned or replaced every 30-60 days, but you may need to change them more often if you have pets.
  • Keep the outdoor AC unit clean and free of obstructions. Your air conditioner’s outdoor compressor unit should be regularly cleared of foliage, twigs, leaves, and debris.
  • Keep the area around your furnace free of clutter and obstructions.
  • Prepare ahead of time for HVAC replacement. If your Carrollton, GA, furnace, AC or heat pump is over ten years old, doesn’t work as it should, and needs frequent repairs, it’s time to start looking for an energy-efficient replacement. Many homeowners wait until the existing system breaks down before replacing it. When you do that, your replacement options are limited, and you could wind up spending more than you have to.
  • Invest in a properly-sized system. A system that is too large will gobble energy and not provide effective humidity control.

Helpful Tips To Conserve Energy

  • Use ceiling fans while your AC is on to help circulate cool air. This can reduce annual cooling costs by up to 15 percent.
  • Adjust the thermostat when no one is home. Programmable thermostats at Merrell & Associates are inexpensive but provide excellent indoor temperature control.

Keep up with our blogs for current heating and air conditioning information. You can also give us a call to speak with one of our friendly professionals at any time.

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