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What Kind of Heating System Do I Need?

If you are planning to install or replace the heating system in your Carrolton, Georgia home, you may be considering a heat pump, furnace, or a hybrid system. Your main concerns are likely to include, cost, heating system efficiency, value, and how much comfort it provides. Consulting a qualified HVAC contractor is the best way to ensure that the heating system you choose is right for your home. Heat Pump …Read More

How Long Is Your Furnace Likely to Last?

In general, furnaces are expected to last up to 20 years. Newer models can last up to 30 years or more. How long the furnace lasts in your Carrolton, Georgia home will depend on factors such as the care it receives, and its efficiency and load capacity based on your specific needs or the characteristics of your home. How Long Will My Furnace Last? The expected service life of your …Read More

How Our Preventative Maintenance Agreement Works for You

Preventative maintenance on heating and cooling systems is essential for energy efficiency, comfort and reliability regardless of whether you have a typical residential system, a complex commercial installation, or something in between. You can take the lead in getting your air conditioning system ready for each new season by changing filters, clearing debris from around your exterior unit and opting for a preventative maintenance agreement with Merrill & Associates, Inc. …Read More