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3 AC Odors That Warrant Professional Help

3 AC Odors That Warrant Professional Help

The aroma of a freshly baked pie, the faint perfume of cut flowers — pleasant fragrances make homes in Carrollton, GA, all the more welcoming and inviting. Foul smells emanating from your air conditioning system are another kettle of fish. AC odors can signal that something’s seriously wrong with the system. For your health and safety, seek professional help from a qualified HVAC technician if you notice the following AC odors.

A Sickeningly Sweet Scent

Changing from a fluid to a gas and back again, the refrigerant that traverses through your air conditioner operates in a closed system. The only way to know how refrigerant smells is if there’s an unforeseen leak.

Some describe the scent as something akin to rotting oranges. Others say it’s more like ether or chlorine. Whatever it smells like to you, it’s critical to have refrigerant leaks repaired quickly, as inhaling the gas is hazardous to your health.

A Burning Smell

This easily recognizable smell usually indicates a problem with the system’s electrical system. Often, a faulty contactor is the culprit. This plastic-covered wiring uses electricity to send signals to various components and can burn out and spark a fire when old and worn. If you smell something burning, don’t take chances. Contact a skilled professional immediately to identify and repair the problem.

Dank, Musty AC Odors

Air conditioning systems operate by drawing heat from the surrounding air. Since warm air holds more water vapor than cool air, moisture also gets extracted during the process. Clogs in the condensate pan or drain line can cause the liquid to stagnate, creating a haven for harmful biological contaminants from fungi to bacteria. A rank, rancid or putrid odor is often the first sign that something’s amiss.

Are unpleasant AC odors making you hold your nose? Call Merrell & Associates today. Proudly serving the community for more than four decades, we’re your first choice for quality air conditioning repair services.

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