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3 Reasons Why HVAC Maintenance Pays Off

Originally published January 2013, updated October 2016

Studies continue to show that HVAC maintenance can pay off in a very big way. With regular HVAC maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs, increase energy efficiency, and enjoy air conditioning comfort all year long. Affordable service plans for our Carrollton, Georgia, consumers means you can easily keep your unit operating in optimal condition from season to season.

Prevent Costly Repairs

Whether you choose to schedule seasonal tuneups or invest in a service plan, regular maintenance will keep more money in your wallet. As a matter of fact, up to 50 percent of service calls for HVAC repairs would be eliminated with regular maintenance, according to the experts.

With seasonal maintenance, your HVAC system will be primed for performance. During a tuneup or maintenance visit, our HVAC technicians arrive with the tools, knowledge, and skills to inspect, adjust, repair, and clean the unit’s components. A tuneup will include:

  • Lubricating all moving parts
  • Cleaning components and removing dirt and debris
  • Checking and adjusting connections as needed

It is also the ideal opportunity for technicians to identify and repair minor issues before they develop into larger problems. During the height of the cold and warm seasons, HVAC systems endure a lot of wear and tear. Preventive maintenance is the ideal and cost-effective way to thwart premature part failure.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Regular maintenance reduces energy waste. A well-maintained unit operates at 30 percent higher efficiency than one that does not receive annual service. Not only will be you be reducing your energy bills, but you will also help to conserve the planet’s natural resources.

Enjoy Comfort at Home

Indoor comfort is something we all expect. Why disrupt that comfort with a preventable system breakdown? Carrollton, GA, experiences extreme temperatures from the summer to the winter months. With routine maintenance, you and your family can enjoy a well-conditioned home year-round without any interruption.

At Merrell & Associates, we offer affordable maintenance plans along with regular repair service to keep your unit operating at peak performance. Give us a call at 770-872-4171 to find out more about how we can improve air conditioning performance and energy savings in your home.

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