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Always Address Furnace Repair Issues Immediately

furnace repair issues in Carrollton, Georgia

Never ignore furnace repair issues. A broken furnace can be deadly for Mt. Zion, Georgia, homeowners. Here’s what to look for:

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Goes Off

Turn off the furnace. Open doors and windows for ventilation. Exit the house. Call for 24/7 emergency furnace repair. It’s better to be safe than dead.

Burner Flame Is Yellow

A healthy burner flame should be steady, clear, and blue. An orange or yellow flame or a flame that flickers, bobs, and jumps can be caused by a cracked heat exchanger.

Burner Flame Won’t Stay Lit

The thermocoupler keeps fuel from collecting in the combustion chamber when the pilot light goes out. A buildup of fuel can cause an explosion. A malfunctioning thermocoupler can prevent the pilot light from staying lit.

You Smell Rotten Eggs

A rotten egg odor can signal a gas leak. Turn off the furnace, call the gas company and open doors and windows. Call for furnace repair and leave the house. A gas leak can cause an explosion.

You Smell Something Burning or Overheating

A burning smell can indicate an electrical problem or a furnace motor that’s overheating or burning out. These furnace repair issues can cause a fire. Turn the unit off and call for emergency heating repair.

Your Furnace Is Rattling or Clicking

The heat exchanger can develop cracks through which carbon monoxide can leak into your home. Rattling and clicking often indicate a cracked heat exchanger.

There’s Condensation on Your Windows

If furnace fumes aren’t vented properly, they can cause condensation on your windows and rust on your furnace. A furnace that’s getting insufficient air will suck down exhaust fumes from the flue and release them into your home. Symptoms of poor venting include fatigue, nausea, headaches, and dizziness. A blocked flue can cause a fire or an explosion.

The heating professionals at Merrell & Associates are here around the clock to keep your family safe. If you suspect a furnace malfunction, call us immediately for emergency service at (770) 872-4171.

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