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Are There Puddles Forming Around Your Water Heater?

water heater replacement in Carrollton, GA

Whether you have an outright puddle or simply a water leak, neither is a good sign for your water heater. Although you may have plans to hang out in Downtown Carrollton, GA, you’ll need to contact a qualified service technician right away before the problem gets any worse. They may be able to repair your water heater, but if you wait too long to call for help, you’ll end up needing a water heater replacement instead.

Your Gaskets Have Come Loose

If you have an electric water heater with loose gaskets, you’re going to start seeing some leaks. Sadly, repairing this issue takes a bit more than most homeowners are able or willing to give. Therefore, call a qualified service technician to determine if this is the actual issue. They will need to remove your hatch covers to access the gaskets. If they discover your gaskets are loose, they’ll need to fully drain your water heater before they can tighten them.

Your Hot Water Heater’s Tank is Damaged

This is what we call the worst possible case scenario, so make sure you eliminate this possibility right away. However, if the issue is stemming from a damaged tank, you will most likely need a water heater replacement. If you had stayed up to date regarding regular maintenance, the odds are high you wouldn’t have experienced the erosion and sediment buildup that destroyed your water heater. Remember to keep a closer eye on this particular issue going forward to avoid having to buy yet another water heater.

Your Drain Valve is Loose or Damaged

Sometimes, what you think is coming directly from the tank may actually be caused by a drain valve issue. Catch this problem quickly, and a technician should be able to repair it. If you take too long, however, you’ll need to replace the valve and maybe even the entire unit.

Merrell & Associates takes pride in repairing and replacing water heaters in the Carrollton, GA, area. To learn more about how we can help, please contact us today!

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