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How to Care for Your Commercial HVAC System

The Scoop Behind Sick Building Syndrome

Originally published in February 2018

If you’re a business owner in Carrollton, Georgia, or the surrounding communities, you rely heavily on your commercial HVAC system. Although investing in a properly sized commercial HVAC system is imperative to keeping energy costs under control, it’s just the first step toward success. The best way to care for your commercial HVAC system is to invest in routine maintenance. Here’s why:

Invest in Maintenance to Keep Your Customers Comfortable

If you operate a restaurant or a retail store, your customers’ satisfaction is your number one goal. Offering quality services and products is only one part of the equation, though. The second part is making sure they feel comfortable when they visit your business. Maintenance ensures your commercial HVAC system provides that comfort. Therefore, your customers keep returning. As a result, your business prospers.

Invest in Maintenance to Keep Your Employees Productive

Instead of operating a restaurant or a retail store, perhaps you own an office space or a warehouse. In such cases, your employees become a priority. The more comfortable and happier your employees feel, the harder they will work for your company. As as result, commercial HVAC maintenance helps boost productivity and prevent a high turnover rate.

Invest in Maintenance to Keep Overhead Costs Under Control

As a business owner, you understand how quickly your company’s overhead costs can add up. Whether it’s accounting fees, advertising expenses or rental bills, there are many costs that come with operating a business. And that also includes utilities. Investing in commercial HVAC maintenance ensures your system maximizes efficiency and conserves energy. As a result, you:

  • Lower monthly utility bills by up to 15 percent
  • Avoid costly repair expenses by reducing the risk of breakdowns
  • Prolong system lifespan and prevent premature replacements

At Merrell & Associates, we know what it takes to operate a successful business. You must hire high-quality service providers who can support your success. Contact us today at 770-872-4171 to learn how we can help.

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