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Ductless AC Has Many Benefits

ductless AC in Carrollton, GA

With summer in full swing in Carrollton, GA, folks are looking for ways to stay cool. While traditional air conditioners are valid cooling options, ductless AC systems offer many benefits other than consistently providing cool air. Here are a few advantages of upgrading your system to a ductless air conditioner:

Improves Indoor Air Quality

The quality of air in your home determines the comfort you and your family experience. A traditional ducted system exacerbates indoor air quality issues. Contaminants, debris, and dirt build up in a home’s ductwork and travel through the air. These pollutants can aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms.

You don’t have to worry about periodic duct cleaning with ductless AC systems because they don’t require ducts. They have a multi-stage filtration system that reduces the pollutants in your home’s air, keeping it fresh and clean.

Maximizes Comfort at Home

Unlike central air conditioners, ductless mini-split systems are very quiet. The compressor is located outside and the evaporator unit’s fan operates at a low speed. You’ll never have to worry about your cooling unit keeping you up at night.

It can be a challenging endeavor to keep your home at a temperature that’s comfortable for everyone. That’s where ductless air conditioning units come in. They can be installed in multiple areas of your home. If one member of your family doesn’t like the cool air on full blast, then their room can be set to fit their cooling needs. These units help avoid unnecessary fights over the temperature in your home and provide everyone with the utmost comfort.

Fast and Easy Ductless AC Installation

The labor isn’t as extensive with ductless air conditioners as it is with conventional air conditioning systems. Ductless systems only require a 3-inch hole to be installed. Professional technicians can have them installed in one day, so you don’t have to wait long to get your system up and running.

At Merrell & Associates, we put your comfort first. To learn more about our ductless AC services, call us today at 770-872-4171.

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