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How Does Ductless Air Conditioning Work

Originally published November 2013, updated September 2016

If you thought that the only way to add air conditioning to your older home was to undergo extensive renovations, or resign yourself to cumbersome window units, there’s another option. Ductless air conditioning is an affordable option for efficient air conditioning for your Carrollton, GA, home all year long.

What is Ductless Air Conditioning?

For homes that do not have ductwork installed, central air installation can be very expensive when you add in the cost of renovating to install ductwork. Depending on the construction of the home, installing ductwork may not even be a viable option. Ductless air conditioning eliminates the need for ductwork and allows for a quicker and less expensive installation with minimal disruption. It is also a good cooling solution for homes that have existing ductwork, but have renovated garages, basements or other additions.

A ductless system takes up very little space in your home. Often referred to as a mini-split or ductless split system, this type of air conditioner has two main components. The compressor is installed outside on a slab of concrete, and the air handler is installed inside the home. Both components are connected by copper refrigerant lines and electrical wiring that is run from the compressor through a hole in the exterior wall.

How Does it Work?

Except for the ductwork, a ductless system works like central air conditioning. The system’s compressor pumps and cools its refrigerant and sends it through the copper lines to the indoor unit. There, the warm air from the home is drawn out and replaced by the cooled air dispersed by the fan.

An All-Round Efficient Solution

When comparing ductless AC to window units, ductless systems win hands down. Additionally, ductless units also heat your home and can be your home heating system in the winter months. A ductless air conditioner is more energy efficient than a window unit and can be more efficient than a furnace for heating in our region.

Today’s ductless systems have SEER ratings that are comparable to traditional high-efficiency central air units. Switching from a window unit to a ductless system will help reduce your monthly electric bill during the cooling season.

Another great benefit of a ductless system is its quiet operation. It also effectively removes moisture from the indoor air, greatly increasing comfort. The absence of ducts and the humidity management options also help to improve indoor air quality.

Ductless Installation Services

Don’t waste money on inefficient air conditioning. Let the experts at Merrell & Associates show you the many ways you can benefit from ductless air conditioning. Call us today at 770-872-4171 for more information.

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