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Ductless Multi-Splits Offer Whole-Home Comfort Solutions

Ductless Multi-Splits in Carrollton, GA

The long, hot, and humid summers and unpredictable winters in Carrollton, GA necessitate a complete home comfort system that you can rely on throughout the year. Ductless multi-splits are an energy-efficient option for newly constructed houses, homes undergoing remodeling, or those without ductwork. They’re also ideal for newly renovated spaces converted into living areas, such as a basement, attic, or garage. Let’s take a look at all the ways ductless multi-splits keep your whole home comfortable.

Remove Humidity

Ductless multi-splits decrease the relative humidity in your home during the summertime. They make it easier to maintain an ideal humidity level of 35% to 40%. The excess humidity travels through the condensate drain to the outdoors.

Stay Cool in the Summertime

Stay cool during the sweltering-hot summers thanks to the energy-efficient cooling functions of ductless multi-splits. With SEER ratings of up to 21, your summertime cooling costs may drop after installing this type of whole-home comfort system. Most systems come with a remote and an app to easily set the temperature of the unit’s thermostat.

Keep Toasty in the Wintertime

In the wintertime, ductless multi-splits heat your home. The outdoor unit’s reversing valve facilitates a swift change from cooling to heating functions. On a warm day with a chilly night, this automatic switch ensures your comfort.

Choose Your Comfort Preferences

In households with more than one person, chances are good that one person prefers a cooler bedroom, and someone else wants theirs warmer. If you’re not using a few rooms of your home, ductless multi-splits allow you to skip the heating or cooling of that area. With the system’s zoned climate control, you can have up to four indoor units, and each unit controls its own zone of your home. Each zone has a thermostat to set independently.

To learn more about the ways ductless multi-splits offer whole-home comfort, take a look at Merrell & Associates’ quality HVAC services, or contact us any time.

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