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Experiencing Uneven or Insufficient Cooling?

professional HVAC services in Douglasville, GA

A comfortably cool home is a refuge from the heat during summers in Douglasville, GA, and the average American spends a lot of money on utility bills to afford that comfort. In the warmest climates, as much as 70% of an average home’s summer utility bill is devoted to air conditioning. Because air conditioning is such a large chunk of summer expenses, it’s not unreasonable to expect a home to be uniformly comfortable. However, many homeowners find that their AC struggles to keep all rooms evenly cool. At times, a homeowner may need professional HVAC services to restore sufficient cooling to a home.

Dirty Filters

Dirty filters can limit airflow in an HVAC system and make the AC unit work harder than it needs to. Fortunately, filters are commonly available at home improvement stores and are easy and inexpensive to replace. To help keep an AC unit functioning optimally and avoid future AC repairs, filters should be replaced at least every three months.

Leaking Refrigerant

Reduced levels of refrigerant can have a significant effect on an AC’s ability to cool a home. In many cases, low refrigerant is the result of a leak. It’s important to have an AC repairs professional check refrigerant levels to eliminate those levels as the cause of a struggling system. And if levels are low, it’s critically important for a professional HVAC services repairman to find and eliminate the cause.

Aging Systems

Like any other appliance in a home, an AC unit will eventually wear out. But they don’t always just stop working. Often, an AC will continue to run but will simply not cool a home the way it once did. When an aging AC is struggling to keep a home cool, it uses far more energy than it should and contributes to higher utility bills. A professional HVAC service company can help a homeowner choose an appropriate, energy-efficient replacement.

To learn more about keeping a home sufficiently cool while saving money, check out Merrell & Associates online or call 770-872-4171.

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