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Follow These 4 Steps to Save Money While You Vacation

save while on vacation

You’re about to leave on a midsummer family getaway. Wouldn’t it be great to save money while you spend it? Here are four ways to offset expenses and still have fun:

1. Turn up the Thermostat

Even with the muggy Carrollton, GA, summers, there’s no point in running your HVAC when no one is home. Setting the thermostat for 85 degrees or turning it off altogether will save you a week’s worth of cooling costs. If you have a Carrier programmable thermostat, you can set it to cool off the house on the day you’re due home.

2. Turn Off the Water Heater

You won’t need hot water while you’re gone, so turn off the circuit breaker to the unit. If you have a gas heater, turn off the gas valve as well. When you come home, turn on the hot water faucet to make sure there is water in the tank before turning the gas and power back on. Heating an empty water tank can damage the unit.

3. Disconnect Appliances and Electronics

Electric devices consume energy even when turned off. To conserve energy while you’re away, unplug all appliances and electronics. Not only will you save on energy costs, but you’ll also eliminate the possibility of a fire caused by a power surge.

4. Give Your Fridge a Vacation

Refrigerators and freezers are energy vampires. Prior to departure, eat everything you’ve stashed in the fridge and freezer; throw away any leftovers. Clean out the appliances, place a box of baking soda in each unit, leave the doors open and turn the appliances off.

Before you leave on vacation, schedule AC maintenance to keep your Carrollton, GA, cooling system in peak condition this summer. Tuneups performed by a service technician with NATE certification can save you up to 45 percent on cooling costs and prevent up to 95 percent of unanticipated breakdowns. Visit Merrell & Associates to get a coupon for 10 percent off a service call, dial (770) 872-4171 to schedule a maintenance visit, and start saving money right now.

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