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Why Going Ductless May be the Best Decision You Make This Fall

If you are facing decisions about updating your Carrollton, GA heating system this fall, you may want to include ductless equipment on your list of possibilities. As you look for ways to enhance your home comfort levels without ruining your budget, the elimination of ducts can keep more money in your bank account while ensuring that your home’s comfort levels and indoor air quality are optimized.

How Ductless AC and Heating Can Result in Savings

A central HVAC system can result in unnecessary energy loss due to leaky ducts. Without leaks, ducts can account for approximately 20 percent of the heating and cooling energy used in your home. If leaks become a problem, this energy loss can increase even more. Eliminate the ducts, and you may reduce your utility bills as well.

Another issue to consider is the management of a non-ducted HVAC system. With direct delivery of heated or cooled air to each living space from a dedicated air handler, heating and cooling activity can be managed more precisely. A unit doesn’t need to operate if a space is unoccupied. You can operate units at different temperature settings as well, ensuring that each space uses only the amount of energy needed to reach the desired comfort level. In a ducted system, the entire home is heated or cooled until the central thermostat reads the programmed temperature. Some rooms may get too hot or cold, and others may never reach the desired temperatures. With independent air handling units, each space reaches the desired level as programmed.

Reduce Conflicts and Enhance Comfort Levels

Some households struggle with the battle of the thermostat. When different members of a family have different temperature preferences, it can be frustrating to try to keep a moderate thermostat setting in place. With a ductless split system, each room unit’s independent controls make it possible for these differences to be accommodated without a lot of difficulty. The individual who needs temperatures to be warmer during the winter for health reasons isn’t held captive by the family member who constantly drops the thermostat levels to save money. Savings and comfort are both possible.

Better Air Quality May Minimize Medical Issues

Indoor air quality can be affected by ducts in many ways. Debris may infiltrate due to leaks, contaminating the indoor air supply. Additionally, leaks can permit emissions to backdraft into the living space, a serious concern during the winter heating season. Rodents and insects may seek refuge in ducts as well, introducing irritants or diseases into the environment. Those who suffer from respiratory conditions or whose health may be fragile may find that the improved air quality associated with non-ducted equipment is a huge source of savings on health problems.

Discuss the Options with a Knowledgeable Technician

The team at Merrell & Associates is available to provide a prompt evaluation of the options for your Carrollton, GA home. We can recommend the best non-ducted systems and configurations based on the size of your home and its heating and cooling loads. Call us today for an appointment.

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