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Why Is My Heating System Making These Spooky Sounds?

Spooky Pumpkin

With Halloween only weeks away, residents in Carrollton, Georgia, are starting to decorate their houses and shop for sugary treats. There are plenty of scary things to look forward to, none of which should be spooky sounds coming from your heating system. If you hear any of these terrifying noises, you might need to contact an HVAC contractor now.

Clicking Coming From the Control Panel

It’s normal for your heating system to make a clicking noise when it turns on and off. If you hear those same clicking sounds coming from the control panel, there might be a defective relay in the system.

Squealing Coming From the Blower Motor

This sound signals a bad belt or a problem with the motor bearing. You can add lubricant to a loud motor to resolve most issues. Don’t use household lubricant products like WD-40; they aren’t made for this application.

It’s important to replace belts before they break. Otherwise, your blower won’t turn, and you’ll find yourself in a nightmare of a scenario without heat. Replacing a belt isn’t an expensive heating repair.

Clanking Coming From the Blower Assembly

If you hear rattling, clanking or thumping sounds coming from your indoor heating unit, there’s likely a problem with the blower assembly. It usually signals that a component is loose. Considering there are hundreds of components in a heating system, it’s important to schedule an HVAC inspection to prevent further damage and avoid personal injury.

Rattling Coming From the Outdoor Unit

Although the temperatures in Carrollton are cooling, you still need to check your outdoor HVAC unit from time to time. If you hear a rattle, it might indicate loose hardware or a failing motor. The louder the sound, the worse the issue.

If the spooky sound is similar to a scream, the compressor might be on its way to breaking down. A humming sound signals the starting capacitor is faulty. In either case, it’s imperative to seek professional help.

Avoid your life turning into a horror story by securing your health and comfort. For professional HVAC maintenance that ensures your heating system is operating safely and efficiently, contact Merrell & Associates at 770-872-4171.

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