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How to Remove Airborne Particulate Matter from Indoors

Airborne Particulate Matter in Carrollton, GA

Most people simply take it for granted that the air in their homes is clean and healthy. Unfortunately, many Carrollton homeowners may be unknowingly exposing themselves to airborne particulate matter. You can ensure your home is protected by learning what particulate matter is and how it can be eliminated.

The Hidden Hazards of Particulate Matter

Also known as particle pollution, particulate matter encompasses a whole constellation of substances you might find suspended in the air. From dust and pollen to chemicals and combustion byproducts, many of these substances are small enough to enter your body during respiration. Even more concerning, scientific studies have linked particle pollution to a variety of short- and long-term health problems. There are steps you can take to limit indoor particulates, but it’s best to be proactive in protecting your air quality.

Expel Pollutants With a Whole-Home Ventilator

A healthy indoor environment requires adequate ventilation, ensuring that particulate-laden air is continuously expelled and replaced with clean air from outdoors. However, energy-efficient construction practices have left many homes lacking this vital air exchange. To correct this, ask a professional HVAC contractor about installing a whole-home ventilator. These ventilators continuously circulate the air in your home, removing airborne particulates and keeping your indoor environment fresh.

Cleanse Your Home With an Air Purifier

Your HVAC air filters can trap dust pretty effectively, but they’re no match for microscopic particulate matter. To scrub away these problematic particles, you need the high-performance filtration of a dedicated air purifier. These specialized systems use sophisticated materials and technologies to actively neutralize even the most challenging of pollutants. In fact, laboratory tests confirm that the best air cleaners on the market can eliminate well over 99% of airborne particles.

You wouldn’t risk eating contaminated food, so why gamble when it comes to breathing polluted air? Put an end to particle pollution in your home with high-quality indoor air quality solutions from Merrell & Associates.

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