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What Is a Hybrid Heat System and Is It Right for My Carrollton Home?

The average household can expect half of their annual utility costs to come from home heating and cooling activity throughout. When you are begin to consider a new system installation, a hybrid heat system may be an excellent and energy efficient and affordable choice for addressing heating and cooling needs.

An Overview of Hybrid Heating Systems

A hybrid system, also called a dual fuel heating system, includes a furnace and a heat pump for addressing both heating and cooling activity in the home. The furnace provides heavy-duty heating during weather that is particularly cold, while the heat pump handles heating activity during milder conditions. A heat pump alone can address heating needs in mild climates, but in areas that see sub-freezing temperatures, the efficiency of a heat pump can decline during severe conditions. It is during these times that the furnace takes over the heating activity to ensure optimum comfort levels without stressing your equipment. During the cooling season, the heat pump operates just as an air conditioner would, keeping your indoor conditions comfortable.

A hybrid heat system coordinates with the thermostat so that the optimum heating option is used based on the weather conditions at a given time. The controls determine when outside temperatures have dropped sufficiently to warrant gas heating, ensuring that the transition occurs without disruption to home comfort levels. You don’t need to worry about monitoring conditions or making changes.

Benefits of a Dual Fuel Heating System

Experts indicate that natural gas is the most common fuel used to heat homes, and the approach to comfort control in these homes is often the use of a gas furnace and air conditioner for heating and cooling needs. By transitioning to a hybrid system, you can take advantage of the most appropriate heating fuel at any point in time. You are not restricted to the heavy heating action of a furnace when conditions are mild and only warrant a minor amount of heating activity. This can make a marked difference in your indoor air quality as well because a furnace tends to dry the air in your home, resulting in low humidity levels that can lead to cracked skin, static electricity problems, and dry mucous membranes. At the same time, you do not have to worry about inadequate heating during those times of severe low temperatures. A hybrid solution can save money while dramatically improving your home comfort levels.

Professional Support for Achieving an Energy Efficient Home

As you consider a dual fuel system, consulting with your HVAC contractor is an important step. You will want to evaluate models and pricing based on your home’s heating and cooling loads and your budget for updating your equipment. As you seek solutions for improving comfort levels and achieving a more energy efficient home, you may also want to consider having an energy audit completed to pinpoint areas that may be affecting your current equipment’s performance. Cooling and heating systems can be affected by issues such as leaky ducts, inadequate insulation, and poor home sealing, concerns that can be identified and addressed during an energy audit.

If you need information on hybrid heat systems, call our specialists at Merrell and Associates. We have been serving Carrollton, GA, since 1952, and are here to help advise you with your heating and cooling systems.

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