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Is Your Carrollton, GA, Furnace Blowing Cold?

Is Your Carrolton, GA, Furnace Blowing Cold?

Even in the Deep South, a malfunctioning heating system can leave you shivering in your Carrollton, GA, home. If you feel cold air being released from your furnace, you may be able to solve the problem with a few basic troubleshooting steps. If not, don’t be afraid to seek professional assistance.

Verify Your Thermostat Settings

It sounds a little too obvious, but incorrect thermostat settings cause many furnace heating issues. Before assuming the worst, ensure your thermostat is set to heating mode and adjusted to an appropriate temperature. In addition, consider whether your thermostat’s placement may be causing false readings.

Finally, ensure that the fan is set to “Auto” instead of “On.” The latter setting forces the blower to run even when the system isn’t producing heat, pushing cold air into your home.

Clean or Replace Your Air Filter

Has it been a while since your last HVAC maintenance visit? If so, your furnace may be blowing cold air because a dirty filter is constricting airflow within your system.

Inadequate airflow can cause a system to rapidly overheat, tripping the high limit switch and shutting the furnace down. To prevent this, check your air filter regularly and have your heating system serviced every fall.

Check Your Fuel Supply

Needless to say, a furnace can’t produce much heat if it doesn’t have fuel to burn. Unfortunately, fuel supply issues can be challenging to detect. Depending on your fuel source, you can start by checking your storage tank or the valve on your gas line. If you have other gas appliances, check to ensure they’re working correctly.

Finally, look at your furnace’s burner and verify that it’s producing a steady blue flame. A yellow, red or flickering flame is a sign that the burner isn’t achieving proper combustion, which can be potentially dangerous.

If you’ve checked your furnace over and it’s still not producing hot air, it’s time for some backup. Call the professionals at Merrell & Associates right away for high-quality heating repairs at affordable prices.

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