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Do You Need to Replace Your Old Heat Pump in Carrollton, GA?

Options To Replace Heat Pump

Heat pumps are effective and efficient systems that can keep the residents of Carrollton, GA, comfortable for many years. The time may come when your heat pump reaches the end of its lifespan, and you should know when this moment has arrived. The following are three important signs that you should probably replace your old heat pump:

Falling Energy Efficiency

One of a heat pump’s primary selling points is its extraordinarily high efficiency compared to other home comfort systems. As long as everything is in good shape, your heat pump’s efficiency should remain consistently high throughout the year.

A decrease in your heat pump’s efficiency, especially sudden and steep drops, indicates its components are probably old, worn and degraded. If repairs can’t improve the system’s efficiency, you should plan to replace your heat pump.

Increasingly Frequent Repairs

While certainly unwanted, the occasional issue with your heat pump is inevitable and even normal. Therefore, you shouldn’t treat the first sign of trouble or dysfunction as a call to totally scrap your system.

However, understand that when a team of trained HVAC service technicians repairs your heat pump, the results should keep your system smoothly operational for quite a while afterward. It shouldn’t break down only a few short weeks or months later. If you need to repeatedly schedule repairs, you might want to cut your losses and replace your heat pump.

Age of the Heat Pump

The final factor to be aware of is your heat pump’s age. Air-source heat pumps typically last for about 15 years before needing replacement, while the corresponding figure for geothermal heat pumps is about 25 years. If you’re diligent in how you use your system and take care to provide it with professional maintenance annually, you may be able to extend these averages.

When it’s time to trade in your old heat pump for a new one, don’t delay. Call Merrell & Associates to schedule HVAC services around Carrollton, GA, including heat pump repair and replacement.

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