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Reveal Savings with a Home Performance Evaluation

More than a quarter of a million Americans have improved the comfort, efficiency, health and safety of their homes with an Energy Star Home Performance Evaluation. The program overseen by the Department of Energy (DOE) in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) saves homeowners in Newnan, GA, and around the country an average of 20 percent on their utility bills each year. The secret to the program’s success lies in the whole-home approach that the certified auditors take when evaluating your home. The end goal of the audit is identify which home improvements offer you the best home energy savings.

How an Energy Star Home Performance Evaluation Works

Participating contractors are trained to use specialized tools, techniques and equipment to detect issues that affect your home’s energy consumption. After a thorough evaluation of your home, a report is generated that details the home improvements that will most effectively lower your energy bills and raise your level of comfort. Health, safety and indoor air quality concerns are addressed as well. The final report also estimates upfront costs for the improvements and the expected return on your investment.

A home energy audit begins with a personal consultation that helps identify your unique comfort needs. Multiple factors are taken into consideration before the actual home assessment begins, including:

  • Your home’s overall design, layout, size, number of windows and orientation.
  • The number of people in your household, their daily schedules and their individual comfort requirements.
  • Your home’s energy usage over the past year.

The Blower Door Test

Virtually every home energy audit includes a blower door test to pinpoint sources of energy loss. A powerful fan fitted within the frame of an exterior door pulls indoor air outside, lowering the air pressure in your entire home. The auditor can then use an infrared camera to spot air leaks in places that you might never guess are wasting energy and your hard-earned dollars, such as gaps around electric wall outlets or places where air passes through attic or wall insulation.

Home Comfort System Inspections

Because improperly operating HVAC systems are a common source of energy waste, a home energy audit also includes comprehensive inspections of your heating, cooling and ventilation equipment. These check-ups follow the same industry standards that reputable HVAC technicians employ when conducting preventive maintenance service. Inspections of forced-air systems include tests on ductwork to identify leaks and problems with indoor air quality. In addition, fuel-burning appliances like boilers, furnaces, water heaters and stoves are checked for safety to prevent fire and health hazards like carbon monoxide poisoning.

As a leading HVAC provider serving Newnan and the surrounding communities, Merrell & Associates is pleased to share information about products and services that reveal ways to enhance your home energy savings. You can be confident that you’ll enjoy the highest level of service when you choose Merrell & Associates to resolve your home energy and comfort needs.

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