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It’s Not Too Late to Schedule Residential HVAC Maintenance

Residential HVAC Maintenance

Winter is coming for residents in Carrollton, Georgia. While that might not necessarily mean experiencing continuous blizzard conditions like our friends to the north, you still must prepare your heater for the colder weather ahead. Luckily for homeowners hoping to save money this winter, it’s not too late to schedule residential HVAC maintenance.

Residential HVAC Maintenance Lowers Energy Costs

There’s no doubt the holiday season is a fun time of the year, but it also comes with additional expenses that can burden a budget. While investing in residential HVAC maintenance might seem like an upfront cost you can’t handle, it pays for itself in no time. In fact, professional HVAC maintenance can lower your monthly energy bills by up to 15 percent. When you factor in how much a heating bill can be during the holidays, those savings can add up quickly.

Residential HVAC Maintenance Reduces the Risk of Breakdowns

Colder outdoor weather conditions don’t only threaten your indoor comfort; they can also pose a risk to your health and safety if you can’t protect yourself. By performing maintenance on your heating system before the winter weather arrives, you reduce the risk of experiencing a major breakdown, which can result in a costly repair or an expensive replacement. You also lower your risk of subjecting yourself to cold weather illnesses like the flu or even a heart attack.

Residential HVAC Maintenance Prolongs System Lifespan

When your heating system operates more efficiently and doesn’t break down as often, it lasts longer. Considering the cost of replacing a heater that’s irreparable, it’s clearly better to invest in maintenance today than pay for not doing so tomorrow. With a preventive maintenance agreement, you won’t have to worry about doing the task yourself.

Don’t give your heating system the cold shoulder this winter. Schedule residential HVAC maintenance today by calling Merrell & Associates at 770-872-4171. We’re standing by to keep your family warm and comfy at a minimal cost.

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