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Signs of a Dirty AC Filter: When to Clean or Replace

Signs of a Dirty AC Filter: When to Clean or Replace

You’re not alone if you don’t give much thought to air filter cleaning or replacement in your Douglasville, GA, home. Many homeowners forget about this simple maintenance task because their AC is out of sight and out of mind. If you’re unsure if it’s time to clean or replace the AC filter, stay alert to these three signs.

The AC Feels Hot

A clogged air filter makes it hard for your cooling system to do its job. It must work double-time to compensate for the dirty filter and can overheat. If your AC is hot to the touch or you notice warm air blowing from the back of the system, check the filter. You want to stop it from overheating quickly to prevent excessive wear and tear that can result in expensive repairs or complete system failure.

Your Home Takes Longer to Cool

Clogged filters make it difficult for the air conditioner to circulate air. When this happens, you might notice it takes longer for rooms in your house to cool. Not only does this affect comfort levels, but it leads to rising energy bills. The AC system has to run more often to lower your home’s temperature. Replacing the filter will make your home feel cooler, and it saves you money on energy costs.

The Filter Looks Clogged

The best indication that you need a new filter is to physically check it. The filter slides in and out of the side of your system and doesn’t require any tools to remove it. You simply slide the filter out and inspect how much dirt is on it.

If it’s a replaceable filter, throw it out and replace it immediately with a new one. For reusable filters, follow the system’s manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning them. Check the filter once every 90 days to prevent build-up issues like overheating, rising energy bills, and climate control issues.

For more solutions regarding AC filter changes or other air conditioning solutions, contact the team at Merrell & Associates.

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