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Signs Your Thermostat May Be Malfunctioning

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If you’re experiencing HVAC problems in Bremen, Georgia, it’s helpful to narrow down the cause before calling the professionals. One issue that often goes overlooked is a malfunctioning or faulty thermostat. Fortunately, a contractor skilled in providing HVAC products and services can usually resolve such issues quickly and easily. Here are three common indicators that your HVAC issues might lie with faulty controls.

Your Interface Is Unresponsive

If you have smart controls, a panel that won’t turn on or respond to your inputs is a dead giveaway. If you’re lucky, it may simply be a case of dead batteries. Swap in some fresh batteries and see if the interface becomes active. If not, it’s likely there’s a wiring issue at fault. Working with electricity is very hazardous, so leave it to the professionals to investigate further.

Your HVAC System Won’t Start or Stop

Under normal conditions, your HVAC system operates until it reaches the temperature you’ve set using your controls. Sensors monitor and report the temperature to let your system know when it should turn on and off. When this monitoring process fails, your system may register an incorrect temperature and refuse to properly stop or start. The controls themselves may also malfunction by failing to send the correct temperature setting to your system. In either case, consider replacing your faulty controls with a programmable model to save 10% or more on utility costs.

You Have Inconsistent Temperatures

Your heating and cooling system should ideally keep your entire home at around the same temperature. If you’ve noticed warm or cool spots in certain areas, your control interface may be having trouble accurately tracking temperatures. This is particularly likely if the air temperature in your home doesn’t match the temperature you’ve set for your HVAC system. If the temperature inconsistencies persist, ductless HVAC products and services may also offer effective solutions.

Faulty controls can bring your entire heating and cooling system to a stop. Needless to say, that makes dealing with West Georgia’s unpredictable weather a serious challenge. If you suspect you have thermostat problems, check out Merrell & Associates’ AC repair services or call 770-872-4171.

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