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5 Spring Cleaning Tasks That Improve HVAC Efficiency

Spring Cleaning to Improve HVAC Efficiency

Spring has arrived, and the daytime temperatures in Carrollton, Georgia, have already started reaching the 70s. To improve HVAC efficiency, every homeowner should complete these five simple spring cleaning tasks:

Dust Your Ceiling Fans

When’s the last time you dusted your ceiling fans? Chances are there’s a thick layer of dust sitting atop all those fan blades. Use this time to both dust your ceiling fans and adjust their direction for the warmer temperatures. During the spring and summer, ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise to create a cool downward flow of air.

Change Your HVAC Air Filter

A clogged air filter will not only decrease HVAC efficiency but also worsen indoor air quality. Ideally, you should change your air filter every month. But at the very least, change yours now and at the start of the summer.

Upgrade to LED Bulbs

Traditional incandescent light bulbs waste 90 percent of the energy they use to produce light by emitting heat. This can increase your monthly energy bill and your home’s temperature, making it harder to keep it cool. By switching to LED bulbs, you can get the same amount of light without using as much energy or spending as much money.

Seal Wasteful Air Leaks

Improving HVAC efficiency means maximizing your system’s energy usage. One way to accomplish that is by keeping as much of the conditioned air it produces inside your home. Use this time to invest in weather-stripping and caulking. Seal around windows and doors to help you keep the cool conditioned air in and the warm springtime air out.

Invest in AC Maintenance

Your air conditioning system plays a pivotal role in keeping your family comfortable throughout the spring and summer. Now’s the time to show your appreciation and take care of it. Invest in AC maintenance to ensure a professional service technician inspects your air conditioner and certifies it as ready for the upcoming workload.

Merrell & Associates provides AC maintenance plans that offer numerous benefits, including a discount on parts and labor. To learn more, or if you’d like to sign up, contact our service technicians at 770-872-4171 today.

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