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The Difference Between a One-Time Service Call and Regular Maintenance

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Some people avoid going to the dentist for regular X-rays and cleanings. They know they should go, but they find reasons not to. Then a dental emergency occurs, and it’s catastrophic, painful, and expensive. Your HVAC system is similar; it needs regular maintenance to help avoid breakdowns that cost time and money.

In the HVAC world, there’s a difference between a one-time service call and regular maintenance. Usually, a one-time service call is arranged because of an emergency: maybe the furnace has quit working, or maybe the A/C is blowing nothing but hot air. These service sessions are reactive, and just like that emergency trip to the dentist, they take a toll on your peace of mind and your wallet.
Regular maintenance service calls, on the other hand, are proactive: they help prevent unforeseen emergencies. Your HVAC technician has up-to-date knowledge about the newest techniques and products and the right tools to do the job, whether it’s preparing your A/C for the upcoming hot months or priming your furnace for the next cold snap.

Paying for regular HVAC maintenance is often easier than paying for emergency HVAC repairs, too. Folks can usually work the small amount needed for biannual tech visits into their budgets much easier than they can accommodate the unexpected expense of an HVAC repair or replacement.

Call us today to find out what proactive steps you can take to prevent an HVAC emergency down the road. Unlike your dentist, we can’t promise sparkling white teeth, but we’re confident in the smile-worthy preventive maintenance we provide through our Home Comfort Program.

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