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The Green Side of Geothermal Systems

Imagine an HVAC system that warms your Carrolton, Georgia home in the winter, provides cools air in the summer, reduces your utility expenses by 30 to 50 percent, and helps to save the planet all at the same time. This is the green side of geothermal systems, and many homeowners throughout the nation are already reaping all the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling including higher comfort levels and lower environmental impact.

Benefits of Geothermal HVAC

  • Lower Utility Bills: Geothermal systems generally realize an energy savings up to 50 percent over traditional heat pumps or furnaces. As a matter of fact, a 2,000 square-foot home can be cooled and heated for as little as $1 per day. These systems can also supplement the household’s traditional water heater and save up to 30 percent on hot water bills. In addition, these systems use small amounts of electricity. It can generate four units of energy for every unit of electricity used. Even the best traditional units deliver less than one unit energy for every unit it consumes.
  • Eco-Friendly: According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), geothermal systems are the most environmentally safe and cost-effective HVAC systems on the market today. Installing a geothermal system is equivalent to taking two cars off the road or planting 700 trees. These units do not use fossil fuels like propane and natural gas. There are no combustion issues such as carbon monoxide, odors, fumes, or flames to be concerned about.
  • Increased Comfort and Quiet: These systems cool and heat homes evenly. There are no cold or hot blasts of air typically found in forced-air systems.
  • Long Lifespan and Easy Maintenance: Traditional HVAC systems require regular maintenance. As long as a geothermal system is properly installed, there is little maintenance beyond filter changes and periodic checks. Since the equipment is located indoors, the unit is not exposed to the weather and changing climate. As a result, the indoor components can last several years and the outdoor portion can last several generations when properly maintained.

HVAC Products and Services in GEO

At Merrell & Associates, Inc. we carry and install high-quality geothermal systems. Our specialists have the knowledge, experience, and tools to install and service geothermal systems. Take advantage of federal tax credits for geothermal systems and also save with our financing plans. We are committed to providing our residential and commercial customers with affordable options for ultimate indoor comfort.

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