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The Scoop Behind Sick Building Syndrome

The Scoop Behind Sick Building Syndrome

The name may sound oddly humorous, but sick building syndrome is no laughing matter. If you own a business in Newnan, GA, this little-known environmental threat could be a serious occupational hazard.

What Is Sick Building Syndrome?

Broadly speaking, sick building syndrome (SBS) is a condition in which occupants of a structure experience adverse health effects when indoors. Common symptoms include headaches, dizziness, chronic fatigue, nausea, difficulty breathing, forgetfulness, fever, tremors, watery eyes, and irritation of the respiratory tract. These issues typically worsen with time spent indoors and quickly resolve upon leaving. Unfortunately, SBS affects everyone differently, making it difficult to detect.

The Science of Indoor Air Pollution

Although the precise cause of sick building syndrome is unknown, it’s strongly associated with poor indoor air quality. Indoor spaces contain a variety of potentially harmful airborne pollutants, often in significantly higher concentrations than ambient outdoor air. Businesses are especially prone to contamination with volatile organic compounds emitted from furniture, printers, copiers, and other common workplace equipment. Inadequate commercial HVAC maintenance can also contribute to poor air quality, leading to issues with build-up of dirt and dust.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Management

If your business is suffering from sick building syndrome, the first step is to have your air quality professionally tested. This will reveal any pollution problems in detail, allowing your air quality specialist to suggest the most effective solutions. In many cases, the simplest option is to integrate an air purifier into your central heating and cooling system. These high-performance filtration systems are designed to reliably and continually eliminate even the smallest airborne particles. For issues involving biological growth, adding a UV light system can also be extremely effective.

Don’t let indoor air pollution threaten your business and put the well-being of your employees at risk. Reach out to Merrell & Associates today to see how our commercial HVAC and indoor air quality solutions deliver reliable, cost-effective protection.

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