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UV Lamps Help to Clean Your Home’s Air

uv lamps in Carrollton, GA

Fresh, clean indoor air doesn’t happen by accident. There are just too many ways for particulates to get into your Carrollton, GA home. You can start by having your ducts inspected and investing in quality air filters, but that might not be enough for your health needs. This could be the right time to put the power of UV lamps to work in your HVAC system.

UV Lamp Technology

UV light has the power to damage living cells. UV-A and UV-B wavelengths cause skin damage and sunburns. Dangerous UV-C light from the sun isn’t discussed as much since it is absorbed by the atmosphere before it reaches the earth’s surface. However, artificially created UV-C light has proven quite useful in killing germs.

Benefits of UV Light for HVAC Systems

Carrier’s Performance series germicidal UV lamps turn UV-C light into a useful household tool for better indoor air quality. The lamps rest near the indoor AC coils and drain pan, killing bacteria and molds and preventing them from going airborne. These particles are wiped out before they can make it into your ventilation system and contribute to respiratory symptoms or other health problems. By restricting mold growth, the UV lamp also helps protect the life of the air conditioner. It keeps the coils cleaner, allowing the system to perform better and operate more efficiently. You’ll still want to have the AC serviced annually, but the coils remain cleaner between tune-ups.

Better Air Quality for a Better Life

As a factory-authorized Carrier dealer, Merrell & Associates Inc. Heating & Cooling and Mechanical Contractor has the expertise to make your Carrollton, Ga., home more comfortable. For more information about freshening the air in your home, check out Merrell’s indoor air quality solutions or call 770-872-4171. You deserve to breathe a little easier at home.

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