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How Our Preventative Maintenance Agreement Works for You

Preventative maintenance on heating and cooling systems is essential for energy efficiency, comfort and reliability regardless of whether you have a typical residential system, a complex commercial installation, or something in between. You can take the lead in getting your air conditioning system ready for each new season by changing filters, clearing debris from around your exterior unit and opting for a preventative maintenance agreement with Merrill & Associates, Inc. …Read More

What That Odor From Your Vents Could Mean

In this hot Georgia heat, there is nothing worse than to be greeted with a foul-smelling odor every time your air conditioner runs. Not only is the smell repulsive, it can also pose a health risk to you and your family. There could be several causes for the foul smell emanating from your vents. Lack of Maintenance The most common causes of air conditioner odors stem from not taking proper care …Read More

New Air Conditioners Require Lifetime Cost Considerations

Air Conditioner systems in the greater Carrollton area endure and warm, humid weather through much of the year. It’s important to choose a quality air conditioner replacement system with durable components that can keep your home comfortable. With so many new AC features available today, it may be easier said than done for making the right purchase decision. Take it step by step and consider the lifetime costs of your investment for an accurate assessment …Read More