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Heat Pumps Vs. Central ACs: Which is the Better Choice?

Is a Heat Pump or Furnace Ideal for Your Home?

Hot and humid summers in and around Douglasville, GA, make a reliable air conditioning system a requisite for indoor comfort. Thanks to advancements in HVAC technology, upgrading to a new AC installation lets you experience a higher level of cooling comfort than ever before. Which HVAC system is best for you? Here’s a look at the differences between central air conditioning and heat pumps.

Explore the Differences and Similarities

Although different terminology describes them, most AC systems available today are technically heat pumps. They all work by using a refrigerant to extract heat from your home and essentially “pump” it outdoors. The primary difference between the two is the way they distribute the conditioned air. Another difference? While central ACs provide cooling but not heating, heat pumps can do both.

Central Air Conditioning Systems

Around 85% of homes in Georgia have central ACs, with good reason. The network of air ducts used to circulate the conditioned air helps keep every room in your house comfortably cool. This type of whole-home cooling is a boon for busy households that make the most of every living space. Central AC may use more energy than heat pumps, but they can maintain a consistent temperature in every room.

Heat Pump Options

While heat pumps can also be hooked up to ductwork to supply whole-home heating and cooling, they often use no ducts at all. Instead, the air gets delivered through individual air handlers installed in designated spaces. Commonly called mini-splits, ductless heat pumps are perfect for homes without ductwork. They’re also ideal for renovated spaces like converted garages, remodeled basements, or room additions. Their superior energy efficiency makes them easy on your wallet, too.

What’s the best way to determine which system works best for you? Schedule a consultation with the experts at Merrell & Associates! For more information, take a look at our AC installation services or call us today.

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