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Is Your Heat Pump Signaling that It Needs Help?

Winter Is Coming! Is Your HVAC System Ready?

Heat pumps are a great solution for heating and cooling in Carrollton, GA. They are energy-efficient, reliable, and have the advantage of heating and cooling with a single unit instead of maintaining both a furnace and air conditioner. Occasionally, heat pumps can stop working properly and require professional heat pump repair services. Here are two common heat pump problems with tips on how to troubleshoot them and when to call a professional.

Icing Up

Icing up can occur in both summer and winter. Heat pumps are built with a defroster that automatically engages to prevent ice formation. However, if the outside unit gets loaded with snow and ice during the winter, the defrost cycle may not be sufficient to prevent icing. If the coils ice up, the transfer of heat is affected. You may notice the unit blowing cold air or shutting down completely. This must be attended to promptly to prevent damage to the coils and the compressor.

Try to gently remove snow and ice from the unit. Never use a sharp instrument, which can damage coils. Make sure that gutters are not dripping onto the unit. If these tips do not solve the problem, call for professional heat pump repair services.

In the summer, ice formation may indicate low refrigerant, dirty coils or a dirty filter. Cleaning the filter is easy and may solve the problem. A refrigerant leak must be handled by a qualified heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technician.

Heat Pump Running Constantly

When summer temperatures in Georgia soar, your heat pump may struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature. However, if it is not very hot and the unit is not producing cold air, the filter or coils may be dirty. Lack of maintenance is the primary reason that HVAC equipment underperforms or stops working. During a tune-up, a qualified HVAC technician will clean and calibrate each component of the system. Correcting any small problems found during a maintenance session can prevent major problems later.

Expert Heat Pump Repair, Installation, and Maintenance Services

At Merrell & Associates, we provide a full range of HVAC services, including new installations, heat pump repair, seasonal maintenance, and indoor air quality solutions. If your heat pump is not performing properly, call us to schedule repair service. We also offer 24-hour emergency service for issues that cannot wait.

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