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Possible Reasons for Strange AC Noises

strange AC noises in Newnan, GA

The gentle hum of the air conditioner in your Newnan, GA home or business is a familiar and reassuring sound. When you start hearing strange AC noises, however, it’s time to take action. Ignoring these strange noises can lead to annoying, if not costly, AC repairs. Here are a few possible reasons for the strange noises coming from your air conditioner.

Whines or Whistles

A whistling or whining noise typically signals a problem with inadequate airflow. Damaged, blocked, or incompatible ductwork, clogged filters, and blocked registers or vents are common reasons for low airflow. A damaged or loose seal in your AC unit can also cause a whistling sound.

Screeches, Squeals, or Squeaks

A 10- to 15-second screaming sound in your outside unit when your AC first starts up might indicate a pressure buildup in your compressor. Worn-out fan motor bearings emit a metal-on-metal screeching sound in your outside unit on start-up. If you hear a squeak or squeal, in all likelihood you have a worn-out or misaligned fan belt.

Bangs, Bubbles, and Buzzes

An unbalanced fan motor, loose bolt, or broken compressor could be the culprit if your AC unit makes a banging noise. A clogged condensate line can account for bubbling noises. A close cousin to a bubbling noise is a hissing noise. Hissing noises frequently stem from a refrigerant leak. A light buzzing warns of an electrical problem. Electrical problems require some investigation as they can range from frayed wiring, loose connections, or a failing fan motor.

Regular HVAC maintenance prevents many of these strange AC noises from disrupting your comfort and leading to AC repairs. You can take care of some of these noises; others require the services of a professional. To learn how you can protect your AC system, check out the HVAC maintenance services we offer at Merrell & Associates, Inc. or call (770) 872-4171.

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