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The Côr Thermostat Puts Indoor Comfort Back in Your Hands

Merrell and Associates Cor Thermostat

Upgrade to a Smart Home

Since the invention of air conditioning in 1902, heating and cooling engineers have been developing better, more efficient ways of making our homes comfortable. With electric costs on the rise, year after year, Carrier designed a user-friendly, smart, home control system called the Côr thermostat with real time data and touch-of-a-button adjustments in the palm of your hand.

Live Energy Efficiently With Côr Principles

The best features of the new Côr thermostat allow you to stay on top of your energy use through a personal web portal, complete with user friendly tools to help maximize savings. Ideally, you can be sit in your office during lunch, and adjust the humidity level in your home, re-set your “awake” time, check the weekend weather, and set a reminder to replace your UV lamps.

The Côr thermostat has a modern, full color touch screen and has a 5 year limited parts warranty through Carrier. A busy life demands a home control system that works intelligently. When you don’t have time to review your schedule, the Côr thermostat can be set to override the manually set program, to adjust your heating, cooling, humidity, air circulation and window protect system to the most efficient and effective levels.

Intelligent Home Comfort With Côr Smart Features

• Energy Report Overview
• Remote Access For Smartphones, Internet and Tablets (Apple and Android)
• 4 Day Local Forecast
• 7 Day Programming for Awake/Asleep/Work Settings
• Vacation Programming
• Month To Month Comparison Of Energy Use
• Community Comparison By State
• A Home Efficiency Report

Busy Families Enjoy Their Côr Values

The relationship you have with your homes is very personal. The Cor thermostat doesn’t present general data you could find on the internet. Cor is built to become sensitive to your home’s indoor “weather” and adjust controls according to your profile. You can feel secure and comfortable every day and know you are not spending more on energy than you have determined you need. Cor offers an at-a-glance summary report on energy use, as well as detailed reports such as:

• Runtime tracking – Minute to minute energy use to help with daily programming.
• Customized Tips – Personalized energy tips developed in response to your home energy use.
• Smart Setback – An override option to maximize efficient over manual setting

Côr Installment Professionals

Merrell and Associates technicians are licensed and NATE-certified. We provide skilled installers who are well versed in the communication between thermostats and heating and cooling systems. Based on a 2012 study done by Carrier, Cor users reported a 20% savings on HVAC costs over standard, manual thermostats set to industry standard temperatures. Learn more about Cor and smart thermostats for your intelligent home and call Merrell and Associates at 770-872-4171 today to schedule an in-home energy evaluation.

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