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Using Your Heat Pump to Cool Your Carrollton, GA, Home in the Summer

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Did you know that a heat pump will cool your home as well as heat it? These systems move heat from a cool place to a warm place. In winter, they move heat from outside into your warm home. In summer, they move heat from your cool home outside. The fact that they move heat using electricity rather than producing heat like a furnace can reduce indoor comfort costs by up to 75 percent.

Two Types of Heat Pumps

There are two basic heat pump systems: air-source and geothermal.

  • Air-source pumps transfer heat between your home and the air outside. In winter, they can heat your home for about 50 percent less than a furnace. In summer, they remove humidity better than central air conditioners, thereby reducing energy consumption. Air source pumps did not originally perform well in climates with extended periods of subzero temperatures, but now, with advanced technology, they have become a viable heating option even in cold climates.
  • Ground-source (or water-source) pumps, also called geothermal systems, transfer heat between your home and a ground or water source outside. Because ground and water temperatures are more stable than air temperatures, geothermal systems are more efficient than air source pumps and can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 60 percent. They also perform well in climates with subzero winters.

What Makes Heat Pumps so Efficient?

Carrier heat pumps have two-speed compressors that allow them to adjust heating or cooling output according to what is needed at any given time. Standard compressors, by contrast, are all or nothing. Two-speed compressors don’t waste energy, so heating and cooling costs are reduced. Carrier pumps also have variable-speed or dual-speed blower motors that keep air circulating to maximize energy usage.

Curious about how much a heat pump could reduce cooling costs in your Georgia home? The NATE service technicians at Merrell & Associates are always happy to help. Give us a call at (770) 872-4171 for more information.

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