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Why Invest in a Furnace With a Modulating Gas Valve

Modulating Gas Valve in Carrollton, GA

When it’s time for a furnace replacement for your Carrollton, GA home, consider one with a modulating gas valve. A modulating gas valve offers precision control of the flow of natural gas into the furnace’s combustion chamber. It coordinates with your home’s thermostat to optimize your comfort and energy efficiency. Here are a few reasons why investing in a furnace with a modulating gas valve is a wise decision.

Reduce Gas Usage

Modulating valves don’t have to be all the way open or all the way closed. They allow just the right amount of gas to enter the combustion chamber. Most of the time, the valve will operate at 50% capacity or less, so your home won’t use as much gas for heating.

Minimize Temperature Fluctuations

Older furnaces don’t trigger a heating cycle until the air temperature drops several degrees below the temperature set point on the thermostat. The furnace then heats until the air temperature is several degrees above the temperature set point. These big temperature swings may cause your home to be too cold for a while then too hot. A modulating gas valve eliminates these big temperature swings and keeps your home’s air temperature within one degree of the setpoint on the thermostat.

Lower Operating Costs

According to Energy Saver, a high-efficiency furnace with a modulating gas valve costs less to operate compared to a furnace without this device. You’ll save money each month on your home’s heating expenses without sacrificing comfort. The modulating gas valve communicates with the thermostat in order to match the temperature and airflow of the air your furnace heats compared to the amount and temperature of the air that’s being ventilated out of the flue. This ideal matching maximizes the system’s energy efficiency and reduces your home’s carbon footprint.

For more information about furnaces with modulating gas valves, take a look at Merrell & Associates’ new heating systems, or reach out to our furnace installation experts today.

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