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How Our Preventative Maintenance Agreement Works for You

Preventative maintenance on heating and cooling systems is essential for energy efficiency, comfort and reliability regardless of whether you have a typical residential system, a complex commercial installation, or something in between. You can take the lead in getting your air conditioning system ready for each new season by changing filters, clearing debris from around your exterior unit and opting for a preventative maintenance agreement with Merrill & Associates, Inc. …Read More

Fresh, Clean Indoor Air, Even In The Winter

As winter approaches, your Carrolton, GA home may become stuffy and dry. Poor indoor air quality can mean an increase in allergens and pollutants causing health concerns for you and your family. While you might simply resign yourself to this discomfort, you can easily improve your indoor air quality with some simple solutions. System Maintenance and Filter Management The first defense against stuffy and dirty indoor air is your existing …Read More