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What Kind of Heating System Do I Need?

If you are planning to install or replace the heating system in your Carrolton, Georgia home, you may be considering a heat pump, furnace, or a hybrid system. Your main concerns are likely to include, cost, heating system efficiency, value, and how much comfort it provides. Consulting a qualified HVAC contractor is the best way to ensure that the heating system you choose is right for your home. Heat Pump …Read More

Who Can Benefit From Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps?

Ductless mini-split heat pumps were designed to offer efficient cooling and heating to rooms and buildings with no ductwork or with space restrictions. Ductless systems are low-profile units that offer accommodating designs and minimal intrusiveness to the home structure. With so many advantages to offer, keep reading to see if a ductless mini-split heat pump would serve your Newnan or Villa Rica home’s needs. Quick Installation An experienced and certified HVAC technician …Read More

How Geothermal Energy Works

Geothermal energy is a renewable resource that utilizes the heat energy produced by the Earth’s core. This energy radiates towards the Earth’s surface. It can be harnessed just a few feet below the frost line where the temperature remains a steady 50 to 60 degrees throughout the entire year. For homes in milder climates, this type of energy can increase your home’s energy efficiency when heating and cooling your home …Read More