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Some Troubleshooting Is Best Left to the Pros

While some common heating and cooling issues can be identified and corrected by a talented do-it-yourself expert, others require the expertise and knowledge of a trained HVAC technician. Your furnace or air conditioner contains sensitive equipment and wiring that can be easily damaged by inexperienced homeowners. Additionally, some troubleshooting procedures require specialized tools and technical training to ensure safety. At Merrell & Associates Inc., our tech team can provide the …Read More

DIY With These AC Troubleshooting Tips

With the summer temperatures rising, you may already be concerned with high utility costs in the near future. A system malfunction could add stress if you have a tight budget. However, you may be able to resolve a problem on your own without the need for professional service. Understanding simple DIY diagnostics is important because you can eliminate some issues quickly, reserving those service calls for more serious concerns. Use …Read More

Heating Repair Dos and Don’ts

The heating system in your Newnan, GA, home is engineered to keep your household cozy and warm for many years. Even the best designed heater, however, will suffer in performance without proper care. Timely repairs and regular maintenance not only help keep everything running at optimal efficiency but can extend the system’s service life as well. When it comes to trouble shooting your heating system, here are a few do’s …Read More