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There Are Many Different Kinds of HVAC Thermostats

HVAC thermostats range from old-school, non-programmable wall-mounted devices to high-tech controls that interact with you and your HVAC. Below is a menu of newer thermostats currently being used in Carrollton, GA homes to save money and enhance the HVAC experience: Programmable Thermostats The savings you’ll see with a programmable thermostat depends on how effectively you program it. With these devices, you are basically telling the thermostat how to operate most …Read More

Ductless AC Has Many Benefits

With summer in full swing in Carrollton, GA, folks are looking for ways to stay cool. While traditional air conditioners are valid cooling options, ductless AC systems offer many benefits other than consistently providing cool air. Here are a few advantages of upgrading your system to a ductless air conditioner: Improves Indoor Air Quality The quality of air in your home determines the comfort you and your family experience. A …Read More

3 Warning Signs That You Need a New Hot Water Heater

Compared to many other communities and countries around the world, hot water is a luxury for homeowners in Carrollton, Georgia. But that doesn’t mean you want to stop producing and using it anytime soon. To protect your comfort, watch for these three warning signs that you need a new hot water heater. Your Water Heater Has Major Leaks If your hot water heater has a single leak, it’s likely repairable. …Read More

5 Spring Cleaning Tasks That Improve HVAC Efficiency

Spring has arrived, and the daytime temperatures in Carrollton, Georgia, have already started reaching the 70s. To improve HVAC efficiency, every homeowner should complete these five simple spring cleaning tasks: Dust Your Ceiling Fans When’s the last time you dusted your ceiling fans? Chances are there’s a thick layer of dust sitting atop all those fan blades. Use this time to both dust your ceiling fans and adjust their direction …Read More

How to Care for Your Commercial HVAC System

If you’re a business owner in Carrollton, Georgia, or the surrounding communities, you rely heavily on your commercial HVAC system. Although investing in a properly sized commercial HVAC system is imperative to keeping energy costs under control, it’s just the first step toward success. The best way to care for your commercial HVAC system is to invest in routine maintenance. Here’s why: Invest in Maintenance to Keep Your Customers Comfortable …Read More

Live a Healthier Life In 2018 By Improving Poor Indoor Air Quality

If you’re like most homeowners in Carrollton, Georgia, you’ve probably written down a few New Year’s resolutions you’d like to stick to in 2018. Whether it’s promising to exercise more, eat less junk food or quit smoking, you can’t go wrong with prioritizing your health. But if you really want to live a healthier life in 2018, you must start where you spend the most time: your home. With that …Read More

Save On Holiday Heating With These Hot Tips

While the holiday season is a fun time of the year, it can also be costly if you aren’t careful with your spending. From shopping for gifts and decorating your home to cooking more and cranking up the thermostat, the bills can quickly start to add up. Here are four hot tips on how to save on holiday heating in your Carrollton, Georgia, home: Adjust Your Home’s Ceiling Fans When …Read More

It’s Not Too Late to Schedule Residential HVAC Maintenance

Winter is coming for residents in Carrollton, Georgia. While that might not necessarily mean experiencing continuous blizzard conditions like our friends to the north, you still must prepare your heater for the colder weather ahead. Luckily for homeowners hoping to save money this winter, it’s not too late to schedule residential HVAC maintenance. Residential HVAC Maintenance Lowers Energy Costs There’s no doubt the holiday season is a fun time of …Read More

Why Is My Heating System Making These Spooky Sounds?

With Halloween only weeks away, residents in Carrollton, Georgia, are starting to decorate their houses and shop for sugary treats. There are plenty of scary things to look forward to, none of which should be spooky sounds coming from your heating system. If you hear any of these terrifying noises, you might need to contact an HVAC contractor now. Clicking Coming From the Control Panel It’s normal for your heating …Read More

5 Benefits of Investing in a Geothermal Heat Pump This Fall

Geothermal heat pumps utilize the earth’s energy underneath the surface to heat or cool your home in Carrollton, Georgia. That’s because, as opposed to fluctuating outdoor air, the temperature below ground stays relatively constant. If you invest in a geothermal heat pump that’s equipped for it, it can also provide your household with hot water. There are four types of geothermal heat pumps available on the market. Three of these …Read More